CB Day!!!!

by | May 10, 2018

In mid winter on a pretty slow night at the restaurant, I was doing some brain storming on how we could gain some exposure with one of our menu items that we really think is special.  After much debate about what type of offer we could do, we came up with an idea to a burger “Stunt”.  We would pick a day in the spring and sell our burger for $5, donating half the sale to charity.  We could then market the day in hopes of being lined up out the door for people wanting to try our burger who maybe hadn’t and others who had tried it but liked the idea of supporting a local cause by buying a local product.  We reached out to KidsAbility Guelph as we have done some charity work with them in the past to see if they would like to work with us for our burger day.

On April 21st 2018 we opened at 11:30am with the hopes of selling about 150 burgers.  By 12pm the line at the cash register was weaving half-way through the restaurant.  By 12:15 there were no longer any seats left and the line remained just as long.  Over the next 3 hours we continued to feed hungry guests with as many CB’s as we could cook.  I remember at one point we had one table left, and there were complete strangers who chose to sit and dine together as it was the only spot left.  As fast as people could eat and leave, we could fill the table again.

“The CB” is our Cheese & Bacon Burger.  It consists of a fresh 5.5oz all beef patty – which is a special beef grind blend from Trotter’s Butcher Shop, cheddar cheese & bacon, a toasted Ace Bakery burger bun, mayo & mustard, lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickles.  It’s a simple yet beautiful version of a classic cheeseburger.

As CB Day continued to chug along the line-up continued well into the dinner hour.  Throughout dinner time the orders of CB’s relentlessly continued.  Our tireless staff at the Cutting Board did such an amazing job keeping up with the demand of hundreds of hungry guests.  When the day was finally over we ran the numbers…we sold 263 CB’s and over 350 total sandwiches!  That’s no small feat considering we’re a 32 seat restaurant.  We also accepted cash donations over an above the purchase of a CB, that would enter you into a draw for a $25 gift card.  These cash donations totaled several hundred dollars and pushed our total donation to KidsAbility Guelph to $1000.00.

I’d like to thank all of our staff and all of the guests that came out to support us on CB Day!  Without your support this would not have been such a huge success.




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